Computer & Software

With the vision of “A Better Web for All’, UCG was born from the absolute growing importance of telecommunication, IT, IOT services and digital marketing for entrepreneurs and business society. Founded by a group of idealists and engineers for developing along with advancing IT and telecommunication solution in middle-east two decades back, UCG has transcended into a trademark of service excellence as well as customer satisfaction. With international offices and UCG service providers throughout the globe, UCG has been the driving force for technological advancement and web services; setting high market standards through unparalleled long-term business solutions and facilitating adaptable technologies by upholding the local traditions and global trends. UCG manages and delivers 100+ projects every year, 24X7 customer support delivering peerless customer satisfaction, 27 servers co-location all around the world, telecom connectivity service throughout the globe, in-house engineers and certified technicians, affiliations and partnership with international entities enabling the best security and smart solutions; creating and being the perfect IT and telecommunication service provider for any entrepreneurial companies as well as professional establishments.